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Tips & Trends

What to Look for When Choosing a Health Club

If you look for health clubs in your neighborhood, you realize there are more choices than ever before. There are a few points to consider when choosing the right health club for you.

Location! Location!

What is the point of signing up at a gym if you are going to lose interest and motivation because of driving too far? Your gym should be located near your home or office.

If you have a specific program in mind, you should check whether the program is offered at the facility. But don’t exclude fitness centers because of facilities you think you may need in the future. For example, if you have never played racquetball, it is not wise to make a decision based on racquetball court availability.


Is the place open when you are off work? Do they have on-site child care facilities? It may be a deciding factor for some while others do not care.

Do you know anyone who goes to health club? If you can choose a place where your friends already go, then it will help you keep up the commitment. Remember, safety and motivation in numbers!

Signing up for the gym means a commitment for specific membership terms. As a result, decide how long you can commit to it before purchasing a membership. You also need to understand your membership agreement and contract in case you move out of the area or back out from your commitment.

Now let’s get physical!

Have You Achieved Whole Body Fitness?

Personal trainer and consultant, Greg Francisco tells that whole body fitness means balance. The key is having the Big 3 in place: a cardiovascular program, a lifetime eating plan that is sensible and maintainable, and strength training for strong muscles and healthy bones. Try to think of exercise programs, as lifetime programs. Having a set timeline can be counterintuitive to achieving lifelong health and fitness. Find something you like to do that is built on solid principles and stick with it. A little consistency goes a long way to maintaining a fit body. And don't be afraid to add variety to your program.

Is Target Heart Rate Important?
Target Heart rate is based on age, weight, and level of fitness. All these factors are taken into account to come up with a number that you are advised to train within to maximize aerobic activity and workout safely without injury. The latest method of teaching you where your heart rate should be is Heart Zone Training. This is based on zones. For more information visit

How To Stay Motivated
One of the main ways to stay fit is to be consistent. Even a little exercise each day can have an amazing impact on your overall health. Avoid extremes. Crash diets, exercise fads and fancy gadgets that promise amazing abs are fleeting. Find a workout buddy to help stay motivated. If you haven't exercised in a while or have any medical issues, get a good physical first. Set goals by breaking them down into smaller goals. Get a journal and start tracking. Start with some light walking and stretching and build on that.

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